• Freetech Endurance 2021 Champioship Dates.
The 24hr Teeside is a stand alone race all on itself.
  • Round1  11-04-21 Whilton Mill Championship 2 x 4hr
  • Round2  08-05-21 Teeside Championship Round 4hr
  • Round3 21-08-21 Knockhill Championship Round 6hr 
  • Round4  28-08-21 Teeside Championship Round 4hr
  • Round5  01-10-21 Whilton Mill Practice/Test with Eve/nightime qualifying 
  •                02-10-21 Whilton Mill Championship Round 12hr (Headlights must be fitted)
  • Round6  07-11-21 Mallory Park Championship Round 6hr (Headlights must be fitted)


  • Iron man(lady) 24hr        02-07-21 Teeside Practice/Test
  •                                         3/4-07-21 Teeside 24h
  • You WILL need front lights for 12hr/24hr and Mallory 6hr due to time of year
*Rounds maybe subject to change*

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations of 7  days or more of the date of the event

Full refund less an administration cost of £20 per team

Cancellations of less than 7 days of the date of the event

No refund, no credit note.