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Junior Production Cup

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Freetech Junior Cup

A Junior Freetech Cup for 10 to 16 year olds 

These races  will be separate from the current Freetech Endurance/Sprint races.

This age group now has been left in a deep hole as the age limit has been increased for Moto3.

The concept is to give young British racers tracktime on UK and European race tracks to prepare themselves for Racing on 125cc motorcycles with standard engines and no tuning with full size 17-inch wheels. These are the same bikes as used by learner riders on the road and are very budget friendly as there are so many bikes to choose from ranging in prices from £500 and up, you can buy a standard 125cc 4stroke road bike add a race fairing/seat and tyres and you're ready to compete, no other championship comes close on budget.

The winner will be supported by Freetech. This will be done by the use of various racing brands and a framework to see the very best excel as they progress from Freetech to British championship and hopefully MotoGP.

Hudson Kennaugh, was lucky enough to come through a similar program with a Suzuki and it is a formula that works.


Pre-season fitness training

This is a great place to add a tagline.

In association with Storme CrossFit Ashby, we invited our 2023 Junior Talent Cup racers to a pre-season fitness training day with tips and guidance from Red Bull Rookies Cup and Junior GP World Championship racer Eddie O'Shea and current Superstock 600 National Champion and 2023 British Superbike Championship rider Max Cook. 



Engine capacity

Maximum 125cc/Minimum 115cc OE engine
The use of superchargers or turbochargers is prohibited

Engine type

Only four stroke OE homologated road engines.
No competition engines
Any carb “UPTO” standard OE diameter permitted on carb engines


Seat subframe may be modified for race seat.

Fuel mapping

Exhaust front pipe maybe modified or replaced
The only permitted  end can for 4 stroke engines will be the factory Original Equipment or an “unmodded/undamaged” powertech from Powertech UK

Fuel injection

Standard OE ECU/CDI /Electrics must be used and airboxes must remain original and only the external rubber boot may be removed


Engine Tuning is not permitted and must remain OE standard with no modifications whatsoever
Cutting of the ignition/fueling for the purpose of changing gears is allowed by a quick shifter mechanism.


Any aftermarket fibreglass bodywork is permitted
Standard road bodywork is permitted but must have mirrors/stands removed. Head lamp and rear light glasses must be adequately taped to prevent splintering.


The forks must remain standard OE, any internal modifications are allowed, external preload adjusters allowed. 


Rear shocks can be modified/replaced with no restrictions as long as they fit the original mounting points


Pads, lines, master cylinders, discs, and footrest/hangers are allowed to be changed. Disc’s must remain the OE diameter for the model of bike.

Chain & sprockets

Any chain and sprocket size can be used.


Remain OE fitment for manufacturer permitted size 16″ 17″ 18″. wheel spacers may be changed


Dunlop race tyres and tyre warmers are also allowed.


The only liquid engine coolant permitted is water
Oil sump plug and filler plug must be lock wired
A red rain light fitted to the rear of the Motorcycle. You can remove clutch/sidestand switches.

"ANYTHING" not mentioned in the above rules has to be agreed by the committee "BEFORE" you do it.

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