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Rules & regulations

All teams and riders across all the classes must adhere to the following rules.

Team organisation

Race licence not required but you “MUST” attend a test/practice day for training/evaluation before your first event. Minimum age 16 *dispensation may be given if previous race experience is proven*. Newcomers are advised to wear hi-vis bibs. Riders per team 2-8 mandatory rider change every 30 minutes +5 minute window. All riders and press must sign a declaration on the relevant signing on form.


All riders MUST attend riders Briefing The Clerk of the Course/Official will conduct a briefing which all riders participating in the race must attend. Failure to attend the briefing will result in disqualification unless the Clerk of the Course has previously issued a waiver in writing to any participant. The briefing will include Flag Signals, Speed, Safety, the Timetable and all other general arrangements for the conduct of the race.

Clothing and equipment

During practice and racing riders must wear the following clothing and footwear: A complete all in one leather suit or a Suit that is zipped together at the waist are permitted. Competitor’s helmets bearing the current ACU gold stamp in sound condition and properly fitted must be worn. Overseas riders may use helmet as approved by their own FMN. Competitor’s footwear must be of leather and a minimum height of 200mm to provide, with the suit, complete protection. No areas of skin to be left exposed between the leg of the suit and the top of the boot. Competitors must wear leather protective gloves. No areas of skin to be left exposed between the wrist of the suit and the wrist of the glove.

Technical checks

The Technical Officer shall check the machine for class compliance. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that a machine used in competition is mechanically and structurally in a safe condition.

Race preparation for all bikes

Only 1 bike per team for the race. Tyres must be race compound treaded, slick or wets One number must be displayed on the front of the motorcycle and two side number plates. The numbers must be clearly visible to the public and marshals on both sides of the machine. All motorcycles must have a functioning red light mounted at the rear of the machine to be used during rain or low visibility conditions (and front light when required) if your light isn’t working when needed you WILL be blacked flagged until a working light is fitted. All handlebar levers (clutch, brake, etc.) must be ball ended or be rounded. Throttle controls must be self-closing. Petrol and oil filler caps when closed must be leak proof. They must be securely locked to prevent accidental opening. Oil catch tanks and breather systems: Catch bottles / tanks must be fitted to the gearbox breather pipe (unless standard breather goes into airbox). All bikes must have a fully sealed airbox with 1 hole maximun area of 4225mm². This must be after the airfilter element, If your bike still triggers the trackside noise meter the clerk of course may ask you to quieten the noise by making hole area smaller. fuel tank breather pipe, carburettor overflow pipe(s) and the radiator overflow pipe (if applicable), where an oil breather pipe is fitted the outlet must discharge into a catch tank located in an easily accessible position and which must be emptied before the start of the race. Oil sump plug and filler plug must be lock wired. Teams may change ANY/ALL components on the motorcycle EXCEPT they MUST finish on the same frame as started, the only component not allowed to be substituted is the main frame.

Noise limit

The noise limit at most circuits is measured at an average over 30 minutes, this is in addition to a maximum single bike noise limit also monitored by the circuit. The goal is to comfortably be below the average and to prevent any single bike breaking the individual noise limit during the event and preventing black flags during the race. Exhausts should be regularly repacked to ensure they remain below the maximum allowed 99dB(A) limit. Noise limit Max 99dB(A) - the noise test will be conducted with the microphone placed at 50cm from the exhaust pipe at an angle of 45° measured from the centre-line of the exhaust end and at the height of the exhaust pipe, but at least 20cm above the ground upto 250cc single (4-stroke) 5,500rpm upto 125 single (2-stroke) 7,000rpm “ALL” bikes must be 99dB(A) or below,any bikes above will not be allowed to take part untill tested at 99dB(A) or below, this is to allow for noise increase during the race, If the can is damaged during the event it must be replaced or repaired to conform to the 99dB(A) rule .End cans must be repacked if they go above the 99dB(A) limit. The only permitted end can for 4 stroke engines will be the factory Original Equipment or an “unmodded/undamaged” powertech from Powertech UK.

Race start

Minimum 2 riders per team, Le Mans start and rider 1 is the competitor to run across circuit, start the motorcycle and complete first lap. The person holding the bike must ONLY hold it for rider 1 and not start the engine or push towards rider 1 across the circuit. Any Machine without electric/Kick starter that needs a push start will start from the back of the grid unless they have a paddock/roller starter then the rider can start in their qualifying position using starter (which must be removed immediately).

Pit stops

Person performing the fuelling must wear full face protection and gloves Quickfill/fuel dump containers are not permitted. Max 10 litre fuel cans. All engines must be switched OFF in pitlane between the pre-designated areas on the day, usually but not confined to cones/Freetech arch at entry/exit to pitlane ANY bike running in this area will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification from the days event. Only one person (rider or helper) may push the motorcycle through the pits (no pushing riders sat on bike).

Race etiquette

Any exceptionally slow riders/bikes may be black flagged, Clerk of Course discretion. Any infringement of the rules and regulations will be penalised with one of the following penalties: Disqualification – withdrawal of Championship points – suspension. Riders must not ride or push their motorcycles in the opposite direction of the circuit, either on the track or in the pit lane. Riders must obey the flag signals, the light signals and the boards which convey the instructions. Any infringement to the rule will be penalised accordingly.


If less than 5 entries in a class there will only be a Trophy for 1st place. To be classed as a finisher you must complete 50% of class leaders laps at end of race.

Parc ferme

All machines must remain in designated parc ferme after the race for tech inspection, any motorcycle not in parc ferme or removed before permission will be excluded from the days results. Any motorcycles found to be oversize will result in a permanent ban from future events.

Booking terms & conditions

Cancellations of 7  days or more of the date of the event.

Full refund less an administration cost of 10% per team.

Cancellations of less than 7 days of the date of the event.

No refund and no credit note.

Force majeure

The Clerk of the Course has the right to alter, abandon, cancel or postpone all or any part of a meeting
for reasons of force majeure. Such a decision shall not be subject to any protest.


The flags on track are used to convey information and instructions and must be obeyed at all times. 

Any infringement of the flag rules during a practice session will result in the cancellation of
the time of the lap during which the infraction occurred.
In case of infringement of this rule during the race, a time penalty may be imposed. In both
cases, further penalties

National flag

Signal for the start of the Race.

Yellow (stationary)

Proceed with caution – slow down, no overtaking up until the point where the green flag is shown. Riders not observing the caution or overtaking rule will be

Yellow (waved)

Extreme caution. Be prepared to stop – slow down, no overtaking up until
the point where the green flag is shown. Riders not observing the caution or overtaking rule
will be penalised.

Yellow & red stripes

Caution, slippery surface – Ride accordingly.


Track clear. Safe to Race.


(Shown with riders number) Mechanical/riding fault – return to Pits and consult


Race Stopped. IMMEDIATELY SLOW (with care) & proceed at touring pace to a stop
area as indicated. This will be pointed out at the riders briefing or may be indicated by a circuit


End of race. Return to paddock or park fermē.

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